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Wisconsin Man Drowns on Juneau Fishing Charter

In a tragic incident on Sunday, a Wisconsin man drowned while participating in a sport-fishing charter in Juneau, Alaska. Theodore Short of Osseo, Wisconsin fell overboard while attempting to walk from the stern to the bow of the vessel. Despite efforts to rescue him, Short unfortunately became unresponsive and was pronounced deceased upon arrival at the hospital. Another passenger on the boat sustained minor injuries during the rescue attempt. Authorities have ruled out foul play in the incident. This devastating event serves as a reminder of the inherent risks involved in water activities and highlights the importance of safety precautions while out on the water.


In a tragic incident on Sunday, a Wisconsin man lost his life while on a fishing charter in Juneau, Alaska. The incident resulted in the death of Theodore Short of Osseo, Wisconsin, and also left another passenger injured during the rescue attempt. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the incident, including the details, investigation findings, the victims involved, the release of remains, implications for charter safety, community response, and a conclusion.


The Juneau Fishing Charter is a popular activity in Alaska, attracting locals and tourists alike. It offers an opportunity for individuals to fish in the pristine waters of Juneau and enjoy the beautiful landscape. However, on this particular Sunday, tragedy struck during one of these charters.

Sunday Incident

On Sunday, Alaska State Troopers received a distress call from a fishing charter in Juneau. They were informed that CPR was being performed on Theodore Short, who had been pulled from the water in Barlow Cove. Wildlife troopers and Capitol City Fire and Rescue were waiting at the Statter Harbor when the charter vessel arrived. Despite these rescue efforts, Short was pronounced deceased upon arrival at the hospital.

Details of the Incident

The incident occurred when Short was attempting to walk from the stern of the vessel to the bow. Unfortunately, he lost his footing and fell overboard. The crew immediately acted by throwing a life ring to him and successfully pulling him back to the swim step of the boat. However, despite being returned to the boat, Short became unresponsive. CPR was performed until their arrival back in Juneau.

Notification to Wildlife Troopers

Upon witnessing the incident, the fishing charter crew promptly notified wildlife troopers, who initiated a response to the distress call. Their quick action demonstrates their preparedness for emergencies and their commitment to the safety and well-being of their passengers.

CPR and Rescue Attempts

Efforts were made to revive Short by administering CPR. However, despite the best efforts of the crew and emergency responders, Short could not be saved. The tragic outcome highlights the unpredictable nature of water-related incidents and the importance of having trained individuals on hand to respond swiftly and effectively.

Transportation to the Hospital

Once the charter vessel arrived back in Juneau, authorities transported Short to the hospital in the hopes of saving his life. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Short was pronounced deceased upon arrival. The speed with which emergency responders were able to transfer him to the hospital showcases the coordinated efforts of various agencies in ensuring timely medical attention for those in need.

Confirmation of Fatality

After arriving at the hospital, the unfortunate news of Short’s passing was confirmed. The confirmation of his death marked the end of a harrowing rescue attempt and left those involved with a heavy sense of sadness and loss.

Investigation Findings

An investigation into the incident was conducted to determine the cause and any potential involvement of foul play.

Cause of Incident

The investigation revealed that the cause of the incident was a simple accident. Short lost his footing while attempting to navigate the vessel from the stern to the bow. This serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining balance and being cautious while moving around on boats, especially during turbulent or unpredictable conditions.

Involvement of Foul Play

Investigators found no evidence of foul play in this tragic incident. The focus of the investigation was primarily on determining the cause of the accident, ensuring accountability, and providing closure to the family and loved ones of the victim.

The Victim

Theodore Short, a resident of Osseo, Wisconsin, was the unfortunate victim of this incident.


Short was identified as the Wisconsin man who drowned on the fishing charter in Juneau. His identification allowed authorities to notify his family promptly and begin the necessary processes for release of remains and other procedures.

Place of Residence

Short resided in Osseo, Wisconsin, before embarking on the fishing charter in Juneau. The proximity of his residence to the incident adds to the sorrow felt by his local community, friends, and family.

Injured Passenger

Alongside the tragic loss of Theodore Short, the incident also left another passenger injured during the rescue attempt.

Description of Injuries

The injuries sustained by the second passenger were reported to be minor. Although the exact nature of the injuries was not disclosed, the fact that they were minor indicates that the individual did not require extensive medical treatment or hospitalization.

Transportation to the Hospital

Upon the arrival of the charter vessel back in Juneau, the injured passenger was promptly transported to the hospital for medical evaluation and treatment. The swift response and efficient transportation ensured that the injured passenger received the necessary medical attention without delay.

Release of Remains

The release of remains is an important process that involves coordination between various agencies and family members.


Once the necessary investigations were conducted, and the cause of death was established, Short’s remains were released to his family. This process allowed his family to make funeral arrangements and find closure after this tragic event.

Family Involvement

Throughout the process, the family of Theodore Short was involved and consulted, ensuring that their wishes were respected and honored. The release of remains allowed them to carry out the necessary funeral proceedings and say their final farewells to their loved one.

Implications for Charter Safety

The incident raises important questions about charter safety and the need for improved procedures and training.

Review of Safety Procedures

In light of this tragic incident, it is crucial for charter companies and authorities to review their safety procedures. This review should include an assessment of emergency response protocols, safety equipment availability and maintenance, as well as passenger safety briefings. By thoroughly examining these procedures and making necessary updates, future incidents may be prevented.

Training Requirements

The incident also highlights the importance of training for crew members and staff involved in fishing charters. Ensuring that individuals are well-trained in emergency response, CPR, and first aid can significantly improve the chances of survival in cases of accidents or emergencies.

Community Response

The local community in Juneau and surrounding areas responded with shock and sadness upon hearing the news of this tragic incident.

Local Reactions

Local residents expressed their condolences and support for the victim’s family, acknowledging the devastating impact this incident has had on their lives. The loss of a member of the community is deeply felt, and the outpouring of sympathy from neighbors and friends demonstrates the strength of community bonds.

Support for the Victim’s Family

The community rallied around the victim’s family, offering support, comfort, and assistance during this challenging time. Through gestures of kindness, the community demonstrated its collective care and compassion, providing the victim’s family with a network of support to lean on as they navigate the grieving process.


The tragic incident that occurred on the Juneau Fishing Charter serves as a heartbreaking reminder of the inherent risks associated with boating and water activities. The loss of Theodore Short and the injuries sustained by another passenger highlight the need for improved safety procedures, rigorous training, and community support. By learning from this incident, implementing necessary changes, and offering support to those affected, we can strive to prevent similar tragedies in the future and ensure the safety and well-being of all who partake in fishing charters.

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