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The Educated Trout – Part 2 of 4.

The second part of the comprehensive video series, “The Educated Trout – Part 2 of 4,” continues to captivate viewers with its insightful exploration of analyzing trout behavior. Created by mrbilly356, this installment delves into the fascinating world of trout rises and the art of deducing their food through the use of photographs. The video emphasizes the importance of skillful presentation when using artificial flies and delves into the controversy surrounding fishing with imitations below the water’s surface. Additionally, it provides an in-depth examination of the trout’s vision and how it perceives its food, showcasing various fly patterns and their effectiveness in imitating natural flies. Stuart Callum’s extensive testing and experimentation with new fly patterns are also highlighted, further enriching the knowledge presented in this educational video.

Against the scenic backdrop of a river, the video takes viewers on a journey through the meticulous process of photograph analysis and demonstrates how a skilled angler can decipher a fish’s food preference by studying its rise. The perfect combination of timing, accuracy, and presentation is crucial in attracting the trout’s attention to artificial flies. Expert anglers, such as Brian Clark and John Goddard, skillfully maneuver their fishing techniques and illustrate the grace and precision required in casting tiny, weightless flies. The video delves into the historical controversy surrounding fishing techniques and the ethical debate surrounding fishing with imitations below the water’s surface. Furthermore, it unveils the intricacies of a trout’s vision, showcasing the way it perceives its surroundings and the mirroring effect of calm water. Through extensive experimentation, Clark and Goddard have developed innovative patterns that closely mimic the behavior and appearance of natural flies, further enhancing an angler’s chances of success in enticing an educated trout. Stuart Callum’s expertise in fly dressing and his collaboration with Clark and Goddard in testing new patterns promises an exciting journey for anglers who seek to refine their skills and expand their understanding of the fish they pursue.

The Educated Trout – Part 2 of 4

The Educated Trout - Part 2 of 4.

Introduction to the Video

In this second installment of the four-part series “The Educated Trout,” we delve deeper into the fascinating world of trout behavior and angler techniques. Building upon the insights offered in Part 1, this video aims to provide anglers with a comprehensive understanding of trout rising behavior, the art of skillful fly presentation, and the controversies surrounding the use of imitations below the water’s surface.

Analyzing a Trout’s Rise Through Photographs

To truly grasp the intricacies of trout behavior, it becomes necessary to carefully analyze the rises exhibited by these elusive creatures. Through a series of high-resolution photographs, this video dissects the physical cues and patterns displayed by trout during their feeding frenzies. By closely examining the timing, speed, and direction of their rises, anglers can gain valuable insights into the types and sizes of flies that are most likely to entice a bite.

Skillful Presentation with Artificial Flies

Mastering the art of fly presentation is a pivotal skill for any angler seeking success on the water. In this section, we explore the various techniques employed by experienced anglers to mimic the natural movements of insects on the water’s surface. Through precise line control, delicate casts, and strategic drifts, anglers can effectively fool even the most educated trout into believing that their imitation is a genuine meal. This segment of the video aims to equip anglers with the knowledge and finesse required to tempt the most selective trout.

Controversy Surrounding Fishing with Imitations Below the Surface

While the art of dry fly fishing has long been hailed as the epitome of the angler’s craft, controversy arises when submerged imitations enter the equation. Some purists argue that presenting flies below the surface deviates from the pure essence of trout angling. This section explores both sides of the debate, allowing viewers to form their own opinions on whether sub-surface imitations compromise the authenticity of the sport or simply provide an additional challenge for the angler.

Understanding the Trout’s Vision

To truly outsmart a trout, one must delve into the intricacies of its vision. This segment presents detailed insights into the visual capabilities and limitations of these perceptive fish. By understanding their ability to distinguish colors, perceive depth, and detect motion, anglers can tailor their fly patterns to effectively fool even the shrewdest trout. Expert knowledge of trout vision is an invaluable asset in any angler’s arsenal.

Different Fly Patterns for Natural Fly Imitation

Matching the hatch is a critical aspect of successful trout fishing. This section explores the wide array of fly patterns available to anglers for mimicking the various stages of insect life cycles. By dissecting the anatomy and behavior of different insect species, viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of the trout’s diet and can choose the most appropriate fly patterns to entice a bite. From the delicate mayfly to the resilient caddis, this section aims to equip anglers with the necessary knowledge to imitate nature with precision.

Stuart Callum’s Testing and Experimentation with New Fly Patterns

Renowned angler and fly designer, Stuart Callum, shares his insights and experiences in this segment. As an avid trout enthusiast, Callum has spent countless hours on the water testing and experimenting with innovative fly patterns. Through trial and error, he passionately seeks to create imitations that perfectly mimic the behavior and appearance of natural prey. Viewers are offered a behind-the-scenes look into Callum’s creative process, his inspirations, and the trials that come with pushing the boundaries of fly design.


As this part of “The Educated Trout” series wraps up, viewers are left with a wealth of knowledge and perspectives on trout behavior, fly presentation, sub-surface controversies, trout vision, natural fly imitation, and the art of fly design. This video serves as a comprehensive resource for anglers seeking to elevate their skills and understanding, ensuring productive and intellectually engaging encounters with the educated trout. Stay tuned for the next installment, where we explore the fascinating realm of trout habitat and the factors that influence their behavior.

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