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The Day of The Large Males

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for – the day of the large males. As you embark on another underwater trip, your hope is to finally meet the large Sea bass that have eluded you this season. Armed with 19kg of weights to maintain negative buoyancy, you dive into the water and spot a few large mullets, but you know there must be something better out there. And just as you anticipated, on the next dive, you come across the two first Sea bass swimming among the mullets. The large Sea bass keep their distance, unaware that they are already within shooting range. With two impressive fish in your hands, it’s time to change spots. Aware of time constraints, this will be your last stop for the day. After a few unsuccessful dives, suddenly a large flash catches your attention. You proceed to efficiently bleed and clean the large male Sea bass in the sea, and later enjoy a satisfying meal with your family. But the surprises don’t end there – there is another Sea bass, along with the Pagrus and the Dentex, making their way to your table. Dive Safe, and savor the taste of success.

The Day of The Large Males

The Day of The Large Males

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It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for an underwater adventure. You were excited as you prepared for a day of fishing, hoping to catch some delicious seafood for dinner. But little did you know that this day would become an unforgettable experience, filled with thrilling encounters with large sea bass and an abundance of other fish. This is the story of the day you met the large males of the sea.

Underwater Trip Begins

Equipped with your diving gear and a sense of adventure, you made your way to the dive site. As you prepared for the dive, you went over the checklist in your head – ensuring your tank was full, your weights were properly secured, and your mask and fins were in good condition. After a quick safety briefing, you took a deep breath and plunged into the crystal clear water, ready for the adventure to begin.

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Meeting Large Sea Bass

As you descended into the depths of the ocean, the sight of colorful fish, swaying corals, and vibrant marine life surrounded you. The first encounter that caught your eye was a school of large mullets gracefully gliding through the water. Their shimmering scales were a mesmerizing sight, but you knew there were even larger creatures awaiting your discovery.

And then, amidst the underwater paradise, you spotted it – a majestic sea bass lingering in the distance. Its sheer size and beauty left you in awe. The sea bass gracefully moved with a sense of power and dominance, and you knew that capturing this moment would be a challenge worth taking.

Realizing Shooting Range

Carefully considering your shooting range and aiming with precision, you took your shot. The sea bass darted away, but your aim was true. Excitement coursed through your veins as you reeled in your catch, gripping your spear with excitement as you pulled it closer to you. It was a successful shot, and you felt a surge of accomplishment and elation.

The Day of The Large Males

Change of Spot

After capturing your first sea bass, you decided to explore new territories. The underwater world was vast, and you wanted to ensure you made the most of your trip. Swimming further away from the crowded area, you found a spot that promised more adventure and potential encounters with magnificent sea creatures.

Limited Availability

As you settled into the new spot, you couldn’t help but notice a lack of fish compared to the previous area. It seemed that the large sea basses were not as plentiful here. But undeterred, you kept your eyes peeled, hoping for another encounter that would leave you awestruck.

And then, just as you were starting to lose hope, you saw it – a sudden flash of silver swimming through the water. Your heart skipped a beat as curiosity and anticipation took hold of you. There was something remarkable about this flash, something that compelled you to investigate further.

The Day of The Large Males

Identifying the Large Male Sea Bass

As you swam closer, the flash revealed itself to be a magnificent large male sea bass. Its vibrant colors and size were extraordinary, making it a prized catch. You knew that this sea bass would be the highlight of your underwater excursion, and capturing it would make the day even more memorable.

Significance of Bleeding and Cleaning

Capturing a large male sea bass was not just about the thrill of the catch. It was important to handle it with care to ensure its freshness and quality. Bleeding the sea bass immediately after catching it was crucial to preserve its flavor and texture. The process involved creating a small incision in the fish’s gills to allow the blood to drain out, reducing the risk of a fishy taste.

The Day of The Large Males

Proper Techniques for Bleeding

Bleeding a sea bass required skill and precision. You carefully inserted a sharp knife into the side of the fish, just behind the pectoral fin. With a swift motion, you cut through the gill plate, allowing the blood to flow out. It was a quick and efficient process that ensured the sea bass remained in pristine condition.

Cleaning the Sea Basses Underwater

With the sea bass now properly bled, it was time to clean it underwater. Using a sharp knife, you skillfully removed the scales and filleted the fish, discarding any unwanted parts. With each careful maneuver, the sea bass transformed from a majestic creature to a delectable meal.

Sharing the Catch

Back on land, you eagerly shared your catch with your family, who awaited your return. The sea basses were a sight to behold, and your loved ones were excited to be part of the experience. Together, you prepared the fish for cooking, relishing the opportunity to bond and share stories about your underwater adventure.

Surprise at the Quantity

As you sat down at the table, you were blown away by the sheer quantity of sea basses you had caught. It seemed that the sea had been particularly bountiful that day, rewarding your efforts with an abundance of fresh seafood. It was a pleasant surprise that made the meal even more special.

Reflecting on a Successful Trip

As you sat with your family, savoring the flavorful sea bass, you couldn’t help but reflect on the day’s events. It had been a truly remarkable adventure, filled with breathtaking encounters, skillful captures, and a bountiful harvest. You felt immense gratitude for this experience and the opportunity to connect with nature in such a profound way.

Encouragement for Sustainable Fishing Practices

This memorable day served as a reminder of the importance of sustainable fishing practices. By being selective in your catch and handling the sea bass with care, you contributed to the preservation of marine ecosystems. It was a responsibility you took seriously, and you hoped that others would follow suit, ensuring future generations could enjoy the same wonders of the ocean.

In conclusion, the day of the large males was an extraordinary journey into the underwater world. It was a day filled with adventure, excitement, and the thrill of capturing magnificent sea basses. From the preparation and success of the catch to the joy of sharing a meal with loved ones, every moment was cherished. This day not only left you with lasting memories but also served as a reminder of the beauty and importance of sustainable fishing practices.

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