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Strongest Fishing Magnet

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Strongest Fishing Magnet: 3600LBs Magnet Fishing Kit by Platinum Online Products


If you’ve been searching for a comprehensive magnet fishing kit, you’ve probably stumbled upon a plethora of options available in the market. Today, I will be diving deep into one of the standout products in this segment – the “3600LBs Magnet Fishing Kit” by Platinum Online Products. Let’s evaluate its offerings, value for money, and overall magnet fishing experience.

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Features and Contents

1. Double-Sided N52 Neodymium Magnet

Neodymium is renowned for its robust magnetic properties, and the N52 grade is one of the strongest available. With a pull strength of 3600LBs, this magnet is not only capable of retrieving large objects but also smaller items which might be buried deep in mud or silt. The double-sided design ensures a larger surface area, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

2. Durable 65ft Rope with Two Carabiners

The 65-foot rope provided is not only durable but also long enough for most fishing situations. Coupled with two robust carabiners, it ensures that your magnet stays attached, offering peace of mind while you trawl the depths.

3. Protective Gloves & Grappling Hook

The addition of protective gloves is a thoughtful touch, ensuring safety against potential sharp or rusty objects. The grappling hook adds versatility to the kit, allowing for the retrieval of items that might not be magnetic.

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4. Threadlocker & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Ensuring your magnet remains firmly attached to the rope is crucial. The threadlocker assists in this endeavor. The microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning your magnet after a day out in the water, maintaining its longevity.

5. Waterproof Storage Case

Storing your magnet fishing gear becomes hassle-free with the provided waterproof case. It ensures your equipment remains dry, organized, and ready for the next adventure.

6. E-Book Guide

For beginners, the e-book guide to magnet fishing is a valuable resource. While it requires contacting the seller, it’s a worthy inclusion for those new to the hobby.

strongest fishing magnet

Value for Money

With an original price of $199.99, the current offering at $169.99 after a 15% discount seems to offer significant value given the extensive nature of the kit. Comparatively, when we look at other offerings, such as the 1320LB kit at $62.99 or the 2600LB kit at $92.99, the 3600LBs kit offers better pound-for-dollar value. Additionally, the 5% coupon adds further to the potential savings.

Brand Reputation

With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 4,000 reviews, it is evident that Platinum Online Products has garnered a favorable reputation among its user base. The company also emphasizes its rigorous testing underwater, ensuring product reliability before shipping.

Strongest Fishing Magnet Gift Potential

For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure-seekers, this kit stands out as a unique gift. Its comprehensive nature ensures that the recipient has everything they need to dive into the world of magnet fishing right away.

Customer Support

Platinum Online Products appears committed to customer satisfaction. Their claim of offering support and striving to rectify any customer dissatisfaction speaks volumes about their dedication to quality service.


In the vast sea of magnet fishing kits, the 3600LBs Magnet Fishing Kit by Platinum Online Products shines brightly. It offers a compelling mix of top-notch equipment, value for money, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a novice just starting your magnet fishing journey or a seasoned pro looking for an upgrade, this kit seems poised to deliver an exceptional experience by the water.

Magnet Fishing Kit – Frequently Asked Questions

What is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing, often termed “magnetic fishing,” involves using a strong magnet to retrieve ferrous metal objects from water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and ponds. It’s a blend of treasure hunting and environmental cleanup.

What is the pulling force of the 3600LBs Magnet Fishing Kit?

The kit comes with a double-sided N52 Neodymium magnet that has a pulling force of up to 3600LBs.

What type of magnet is used in this kit?

The kit uses an N52 grade neodymium magnet, which is one of the strongest available magnets for commercial use.

How long is the rope provided in the kit?

The kit includes a 65-foot long durable rope designed for magnet fishing.

Is the rope attached to the magnet when it’s shipped?

No, you will have to attach the rope to the magnet yourself. The kit provides a threadlocker to ensure a secure connection.

Does the kit include safety equipment?

Yes, the 3600LBs Magnet Fishing Kit includes a pair of protective gloves to ensure safety during retrieval.

What’s the purpose of the grappling hook in the kit?

The grappling hook adds versatility, allowing for the retrieval of items that may not be magnetic or are difficult to lift with the magnet alone.

How do I clean the magnet after use?

The kit comes with a microfiber magnet cleaning cloth, which can be used to clean the magnet after each use.

What can I expect to find with magnet fishing?

You can discover a variety of items, from historical artifacts and coins to modern-day tools, bikes, and even safes.

Is the storage case waterproof?

Yes, the kit includes an easy storage waterproof case to ensure your equipment remains dry and organized.

How do I get the e-book guide mentioned in the product details?

You’ll need to send a short message to the seller after purchasing to get your e-book guide on magnet fishing.

Can I use this magnet fishing kit in saltwater?

Yes, but it’s recommended to clean the magnet after each use to prevent corrosion and maintain its strength.

Is the magnet double-sided?

Yes, the 3600LBs magnet in this kit is double-sided, increasing the chances of a successful catch.

What’s the weight of the magnet?

The exact weight is not specified, but given its pulling power and size, it’s substantial yet manageable for most adults.

Are there any age restrictions for using this kit?

While there’s no specific age restriction, magnet fishing with such a powerful magnet is recommended for adults or under adult supervision due to its strength.

How do I attach the rope to the magnet securely?

The kit provides a threadlocker to ensure the rope remains securely attached to the magnet.

Can the magnet pick up non-magnetic items?

The magnet specifically attracts ferrous metals. Non-magnetic items can be retrieved using the grappling hook included in the kit.

Is magnet fishing legal everywhere?

Laws and regulations about magnet fishing vary by location. Always check local regulations before magnet fishing.

Is magnet fishing safe?

Generally, it’s safe. However, it’s essential to be cautious of sharp or heavy objects. The kit includes protective gloves for added safety.

Can the magnet be detached and used for other purposes?

Yes, the magnet can be detached from the rope and used for other applications that require a strong neodymium magnet.

What should I do if the magnet gets stuck underwater?

Slowly and carefully maneuver the rope to try and dislodge the magnet. In extreme cases, the grappling hook might be of assistance.

How deep can I fish with this kit?

Given the 65-foot rope, you can magnet fish in water bodies up to 65 feet deep, provided the rope is securely attached to the magnet.

Does the kit come with a warranty?

The product listing does not specify a warranty. It’s best to contact the seller, Platinum Online Products, for warranty details.

How do I store the magnet when not in use?

The kit includes a waterproof case that’s ideal for storing the magnet and other equipment when not in use.

Is the 3600LBs Magnet Fishing Kit suitable for beginners?

Yes, the kit is comprehensive and includes an e-book guide, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals.

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