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Spearfishing – White Groupers In Clear Water

Spearfishing – White Groupers In Clear Water

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Welcome to the exciting world of spearfishing! In this article, we will take you on an underwater adventure as we dive into the clear waters of the Saronic Gulf in search of white groupers. Spearfishing is not only a thrilling sport but also an opportunity to engage in sustainable and selective fishing practices. Join us as we explore the preparation, the diving experience, and the exhilarating catch of these prized fish.

Preparing for the Dive

Before embarking on our spearfishing expedition, we must ensure that we are well-equipped and ready for the dive. Our journey begins by heading to Salamina Island, where we meet up with our experienced friend Spyros. Spyros, being a seasoned spearfisherman, guides us through the process of checking our equipment, ensuring that our spearguns are in top condition, and making any necessary adjustments. With our gear in order, we stock up on fuel and set out to the crystal-clear waters of the Saronic Gulf.

Spearfishing - White Groupers In Clear Water

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Diving on the Reef

As we descend into the water, we find ourselves surrounded by vibrant marine life. We start by diving on the top of the reef, carefully scanning the surrounding area for signs of white groupers. However, after an initial search, we realize that the larger white groupers are elusive. Undeterred, we venture into deeper waters, hoping to find better opportunities.

Spotting Small Goldblotch Groupers

While exploring the depths, we come across a school of small goldblotch groupers. Although these fish are not our primary target, their presence signals a healthy ecosystem. We decide to try an unconventional method to catch a scorpaena, also known as a red scorpionfish, which can be found among these groupers. With our speargun at the ready, we spot a scorpaena and make our move.

Spearfishing - White Groupers In Clear Water

Catching a Scorpaena

As we dive for the scorpaena, we pause momentarily for the camera to capture the action. With precision and skill, we aim for the prized fish, successfully landing our catch. After securing the scorpaena, we take a well-deserved rest in preparation for our dive for the white grouper.

Dive for White Grouper

The time has come for the white grouper hunt. We navigate through the underwater landscape, searching meticulously for any signs of the elusive fish. Suddenly, a white grouper appears, camouflaged within a hole in the reef. With steady hands, we line up the shot on the edge of our shooting range, taking into account the fish’s behavior and movements. In one swift motion, we release our speargun, successfully catching the magnificent white grouper.

Spearfishing - White Groupers In Clear Water

Moving to the Next Spot

After the exhilaration of catching the first white grouper, we decide to explore a new area in search of more opportunities. As we descend, we encounter yet another white grouper, offering us an unexpected chance for another catch. Swiftly turning on the camera, we maximize the advantage of the fish’s delay and slowly approach our target. With precision and determination, we once again capture a stunning white grouper.

Taking a Break and Filleting the Fish

With two impressive white groupers in hand, we take a moment to celebrate our success. We find a comfortable spot on the boat, where we relax and begin to fillet the fish. The process involves skillful techniques as we carefully remove the skin, bones, and entrails, ensuring that we preserve the quality of the fish for cooking. As we showcase the assortment of fish, we discuss the various ingredients needed for our tantalizing fish soup.

Spearfishing - White Groupers In Clear Water


Our spearfishing expedition has been a thrilling and rewarding experience. Not only have we caught the prized white groupers, but we have also witnessed the beauty and diversity of the underwater world. As we prepare to cook our freshly caught fish and reflect on the day’s adventure, we are surprised to find unexpected findings inside the white grouper. Lastly, let us remember the importance of safety in spearfishing and the significance of sustainable and selective fishing practices. By being responsible stewards of the ocean, we can continue to enjoy the wonders of spearfishing for years to come.

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