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ORVIS – Fly Fishing Knots – ORVIS Tippet Knot

The ORVIS Tippet Knot is a powerful way to attach a piece of tippet to your leader. Peter Kutzer from the ORVIS fly fishing School demonstrates how this knot is distinct from the surgeons or blood knot. If you’re looking for additional tips, techniques, and tactics for fly fishing, be sure to explore our other online resources. ORVIS – Fly Fishing Knots – ORVIS Tippet Knot, a video produced by The Orvis Company, explores one of the most durable connections for attaching a piece of tippet to the rest of your leader. In this instructional video, Peter Kutzer, an expert from the ORVIS Fly Fishing School, demonstrates how the ORVIS Tippet Knot differs from the commonly known surgeon or blood knot. By following his step-by-step guidance, viewers will learn how to tie this alternative knot effectively. For more valuable tips, techniques, and strategies related to fly fishing, please refer to our extensive collection of online resources.

In the video, Pete Kutzer, instructor at the ORVIS Fly Fishing School, presents the Orbis tippet knot as an exceptional choice compared to the surgeon’s or blood knot. Through clear visuals and explanations, Kutzer demonstrates how to tie the knot correctly. The key to achieving a strong bond lies in applying smooth, even pressure while aligning all four pieces. Once the knot is secured, it is important to moisten it before tightening it further. This versatile knot ensures a reliable connection, allowing you to trim away any excess and be ready for your next fly fishing adventure.

ORVIS - Fly Fishing Knots - ORVIS Tippet Knot

ORVIS – Fly Fishing Knots – ORVIS Tippet Knot

Introduction to the ORVIS Tippet Knot

The ORVIS Tippet Knot is a popular knot used in fly fishing to securely connect the tippet to the leader. This knot is known for its strength and reliability, making it a preferred choice among anglers. By understanding the steps to tie the ORVIS Tippet Knot and the importance of applying smooth and even pressure, you can ensure a strong connection that will withstand the challenges of fly fishing.

The Difference from Surgeons or Blood Knot

While Surgeons and Blood Knots are commonly used in fly fishing, the ORVIS Tippet Knot offers distinct advantages. When compared to the Surgeons Knot, the ORVIS Tippet Knot is easier to tie and provides better strength. It also offers superior performance when compared to the Blood Knot, as it is less prone to slippage and provides a more secure connection. The ORVIS Tippet Knot stands out as a reliable and efficient option for connecting the tippet to the leader in fly fishing.

Steps to Tie the ORVIS Tippet Knot

To tie the ORVIS Tippet Knot, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by gathering the necessary materials, including the leader and tippet.
  2. Hold the leader and tippet correctly, ensuring a firm grip on both ends.
  3. Create a loop with the leader and tippet, overlapping them by approximately six inches.
  4. Pass the ends of the leader and tippet through the loop once.
  5. Repeat the process to create a double pass, ensuring that the leader and tippet cross each other.
  6. Apply smooth and even pressure while slowly tightening the knot.
  7. Trim any excess material, leaving a small tag end for added security.

Importance of Smooth and Even Pressure

Applying smooth and even pressure while tightening the ORVIS Tippet Knot is crucial for ensuring its strength and reliability. By doing so, you prevent weak points or potential breakages in the knot. Maintaining a strong connection between the leader and tippet is essential for successful fly fishing. The ORVIS Tippet Knot’s performance greatly relies on the proper application of smooth and even pressure during the tying process.

Moistening and Tightening the Knot

Moistening the ORVIS Tippet Knot before tightening is essential for several reasons. It helps lubricate the knot, allowing it to slide smoothly without causing friction or damage. This added lubrication also ensures that the knot tightens securely, reducing the risk of slipping or loosening. To effectively moisten the knot, anglers can use water or saliva. By combining proper moistening techniques with the correct tightening process, anglers can achieve a knot that is tight, secure, and optimized for strength.

Benefits of the ORVIS Tippet Knot

The ORVIS Tippet Knot offers numerous benefits that make it a preferred choice among fly fishermen. Firstly, it provides a high level of strength and reliability, allowing anglers to trust in the durability of their connections. This knot is suitable for various fishing conditions, including freshwater and saltwater environments, making it versatile and adaptable to different situations. Additionally, the ORVIS Tippet Knot is easy to tie and tighten, ensuring that anglers can spend less time on knots and more time on fishing. By choosing the ORVIS Tippet Knot, anglers can elevate their fly fishing experience and improve their chances of a successful catch.


The ORVIS Tippet Knot is a valuable addition to any angler’s repertoire of fly fishing knots. Its strength, reliability, and ease of use make it a top choice for connecting the tippet to the leader. By following the steps to tie the ORVIS Tippet Knot and understanding the importance of smooth and even pressure, anglers can ensure strong connections that will withstand the challenges of fly fishing. We encourage you to try the ORVIS Tippet Knot on your next fishing trip and experience the benefits it offers. Special thanks to The Orvis Company for their instructional video, which provided valuable insights into tying this knot. Happy fishing!

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