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ORVIS – Fly Casting Lessons – How To Make Your First Cast

In order to make your first cast, ORVIS casting instructor Pete Kutzer provides step-by-step guidance on how to get your line on the water. Pete presents two options for you to consider: the short bow-and-arrow cast or the roll cast. Both techniques allow you to extend your line in front of you, enabling you to execute a standard backcast and place your line on the water with the right amount of tension.

If you are looking for additional methods to enhance your fly casting and fly fishing skills, we encourage you to explore our other online learning centers. In this informative video by The Orvis Company, ORVIS casting instructor Pete Kutzer provides a step-by-step guide on how to make your first cast during fly casting lessons. With two options to choose from, Pete demonstrates the short bow-and-arrow cast or the roll cast, both of which effectively get your line out in front of you. By utilizing these techniques, you can successfully execute a standard backcast and ensure your line is in the water with the necessary tension. To enhance your fly casting and fishing skills further, The Orvis Company offers various online learning centers dedicated to improving your overall proficiency.

Introducing the ORVIS – Fly Casting Lessons – How To Make Your First Cast video, ORVIS casting instructor Pete Kutzer lays out practical methods for beginners embarking on their fly fishing journey. Whether you’re using a lightweight fly or a heavier nymph rig, Pete demonstrates the proper techniques to achieve a successful cast. Through the utilization of a bow-and-arrow cast or a roll cast, you can effectively launch your line out to the fish while maintaining control and precision. The video aims to equip aspiring fly casters with fundamental skills, all while encouraging them to explore other online learning resources provided by The Orvis Company to further enhance their fly fishing abilities.

ORVIS - Fly Casting Lessons - How To Make Your First Cast

ORVIS – Fly Casting Lessons – How To Make Your First Cast


Learning how to fly cast is an essential skill for anyone interested in the art of fly fishing. It allows anglers to present their flies with precision and delicacy, increasing their chances of fooling wary fish. To help aspiring fly fishermen and women get started, The Orvis Company offers comprehensive fly casting lessons. In this article, we will explore the fundamentals of fly casting, focusing on two key techniques: the short bow-and-arrow cast and the roll cast. We will also discuss some additional resources that can help improve your fly casting and fly fishing skills.

Short Bow-and-Arrow Cast

The short bow-and-arrow cast is a useful casting technique, especially when faced with tight spaces or obstacles behind the angler. To execute this cast effectively, the proper grip is crucial. Place the rod grip between your index finger and thumb, allowing your remaining fingers to gently wrap around the handle. This grip provides better control and allows for precise aim.

When using lightweight flies, such as small dry flies or nymphs, the bow-and-arrow cast can be particularly handy. To perform the cast, bring the rod tip close to your target and point it slightly downwards. With a quick motion, release the fly line, allowing it to shoot forward, and simultaneously let go of the fly itself. the energy stored in the bent rod will propel the fly towards the target, ensuring accurate placement.

Roll Cast

The roll cast is a casting technique commonly used when fishing with nymph rigs or heavy streamers. It is an excellent choice for situations where backcasting space is limited or hindered by obstacles. To execute a roll cast, start by positioning yourself with enough space behind you to comfortably lift the line off the water and create a D-loop.

With the rod held at an angle, pull the line back with a smooth and efficient motion, bringing the rod tip close to the water’s surface. Once the line is fully extended behind you, make a forward stroke, using your forearm and wrist to thrust the rod forward. As the line unrolls in front of you, the nymph rig or streamer will be propelled towards your target. Practice your timing and power control to achieve accurate and efficient roll casts.

Improving Fly Casting and Fly Fishing Skills

While these fundamental casting techniques are crucial for beginners, it is essential to continually strive for improvement. The Orvis Company offers a wealth of online learning centers, featuring videos, articles, and expert advice, to help you enhance your fly casting and fly fishing skills. These resources cover a wide range of topics, from advanced casting techniques to fly selection and presentation.

In addition to Orvis’s online resources, there are various other platforms that can further expand your knowledge and abilities. Fly fishing books, tutorials from experienced anglers, and attending fly casting and fly fishing workshops are excellent avenues for skill enhancement. As with any skill, practice and exposure to different techniques will ultimately make you a more proficient fly caster and angler.


Learning how to fly cast is an exciting journey that requires patience and dedication. The Orvis Company’s fly casting lessons are designed to provide aspiring anglers with a solid foundation in this essential skill. By mastering techniques such as the short bow-and-arrow cast and the roll cast, you can increase your chances of success on the water. Remember to continuously educate yourself through various resources to enhance your fly casting and fly fishing abilities. With practice and a thirst for knowledge, you will soon find yourself enjoying the artistry and joy of the fly fishing experience.

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