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My Life as a Freediving Spearfisher – Lauren Sarasua

So, let me tell you about this fascinating video called “My Life as a Freediving Spearfisher” by Lauren Sarasua. In this video, Lauren gives us a glimpse into her life as a freediving spearfisher and shares her passion for this unique and sustainable way of harvesting seafood. Spearfishing, as she explains, is not only one of the oldest methods used to catch fish, but it is also the most environmentally friendly. What makes it even more special is the sense of community that exists among spearfishers, where they share the fish they hunt with family, friends, and even strangers. Lauren invites you to join this captivating world and welcomes any questions you may have.

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My Life as a Freediving Spearfisher - Lauren Sarasua

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My Life as a Freediving Spearfisher


Welcome to my world as a freediving spearfisher! In this article, I will take you on a journey through my passion for this thrilling sport, highlighting the various benefits, the importance of sustainable seafood harvesting, the connection with nature, the joy of sharing the catch, and the vibrant community that surrounds spearfishing.

Introduction to Lauren Sarasua

Hi, I’m Lauren Sarasua, a freediving spearfisher based in a coastal town. Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to the ocean and its mysteries. As I grew older, my fascination with the underwater world only deepened, leading me to take up freediving spearfishing as a way to combine my love for the ocean, adventurous spirit, and sustainable living.

Overview of Freediving Spearfishing

Freediving spearfishing is a unique sport that combines the art of freediving and the thrill of spearfishing. Unlike traditional fishing methods, which rely on equipment such as fishing rods and nets, freediving spearfishing involves diving down to hunt for fish using only a breath hold and a spear. This demanding yet rewarding practice requires a deep understanding of the ocean and its inhabitants, as well as honing your diving, breath-holding, and hunting skills.

Passion for the Sport

My passion for freediving spearfishing runs deep. Every time I dive into the crystal-clear waters, I feel a surge of adrenaline and a sense of freedom. It’s a thrilling experience to meld into the marine environment, becoming one with the sea creatures and exploring their hidden habitats. The challenges this sport presents, both physically and mentally, have pushed me to become a better version of myself, fostering personal growth and self-confidence.

Benefits of Spearfishing

Exercise and Fitness

One of the most evident benefits of freediving spearfishing is the physical exercise it provides. As a full-body workout, spearfishing engages various muscle groups, including the arms, legs, abdomen, and back. The constant swimming, diving, and maneuvering against currents help improve cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and strength. Furthermore, the low-impact nature of freediving minimizes strain on joints, making it an accessible activity for people of different fitness levels.

Mental Well-being

Freediving spearfishing not only nourishes the body but also nourishes the mind. Spending time in the peaceful underwater realm promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and improves mental clarity. The focused concentration required while hunting helps quiet the mind, providing a meditative experience and a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Moreover, the sense of accomplishment when successfully catching a fish boosts confidence and self-esteem, fostering a positive mental state.

Adrenaline Rush

If you thrive on adventure and adrenaline, freediving spearfishing will certainly satisfy your cravings. The adrenaline rush that comes with stalking fish, waiting for the perfect moment, and then making a precise shot is unparalleled. The intensity of the hunt combined with the breath-holding challenges adds an element of excitement that keeps the sport thrilling and addictive.

Thrill of the Hunt

As humans, we have an innate instinct to hunt, and freediving spearfishing taps into that primordial desire. Being able to stalk and catch fish using nothing more than your spear and skill is an incredibly fulfilling experience. The hunt requires patience, observation, and strategy, honing your instincts and enhancing your connection with the underwater world. The thrill of a successful hunt, as well as the challenge of each encounter, creates a deep sense of satisfaction.

Exploring Underwater World

Freediving spearfishing not only provides an opportunity to hunt but also serves as a gateway to explore the magnificent underwater world. Each dive is an adventure filled with encounters with vibrant coral reefs, graceful fish, and the awe-inspiring beauty of marine life. Exploring diverse ecosystems, from shallow reefs to deep drop-offs, offers a chance to witness nature in its purest form. It is a humbling experience that fosters a deep appreciation for the wonders of the ocean and our responsibility to protect it.

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Sustainable Seafood Harvesting

Why Spearfishing is Sustainable

Spearfishing is widely recognized as a sustainable method of harvesting seafood. Unlike traditional fishing methods that involve large nets or longlines, spearfishing is highly selective, allowing the hunter to target specific fish species. This selectivity reduces the chances of overfishing and minimizes the impact on other non-targeted marine life, known as bycatch.

Selective Targeting

In spearfishing, the hunter has the ability to handpick the fish they plan to catch. By visually identifying the target species, size, and condition, fishermen can ensure that they are only harvesting mature and abundant populations. This approach helps maintain healthy fish stocks, as only a sustainable number of fish are taken, allowing the population to replenish and reproduce.

Avoidance of Bycatch

Bycatch, the unintended capture of non-targeted species, is a significant issue in traditional fishing methods. Large nets and lines often result in the entanglement or capture of marine mammals, turtles, seabirds, and juvenile fish. In contrast, freediving spearfishing greatly reduces the occurrence of bycatch, as the fish are individually targeted and caught with precision.

Preserving Ecosystem Balance

As an active participant in the marine ecosystem, spearfishers play a crucial role in maintaining balance. By selectively targeting specific fish species, spearfishers contribute to preserving the delicate balance between predator and prey. This balance is essential for the health and sustainability of the overall ecosystem, allowing marine populations to thrive and maintaining biodiversity.

Responsible Fishing Practices

Spearfishers are often at the forefront of promoting responsible fishing practices. Through education and awareness, they advocate for sustainable fishing, adherence to size and catch limits, and the use of ethical hunting techniques. Additionally, spearfishers frequently engage in marine conservation efforts, such as participating in beach cleanups and supporting organizations dedicated to protecting marine habitats.

Connection with Nature

Immersion in the Marine Environment

Freediving spearfishing offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the marine environment like never before. When freediving, you become a part of the underwater world, blending in with the surroundings and becoming more attuned to the rhythms of marine life. This intimate connection allows for a deeper appreciation of the complexities and interconnections within the ocean ecosystem.

Observing Marine Life

Being in close proximity to marine life provides a firsthand understanding of their behavior, habitat preferences, and social dynamics. Through observation, spearfishers gain valuable insights into the diversity of underwater species and witness intricate interactions between different marine organisms. This deeper connection fosters a sense of responsibility and stewardship towards marine life.

Understanding Ecosystems

With each dive, spearfishers gain a greater understanding of the intricacies of ecosystems. From exploring coral reefs teeming with life to venturing into the mysterious depths, spearfishers witness the delicate balance that sustains marine habitats. By observing the impact of environmental changes, such as pollution or climate events, spearfishers become advocates for protecting and preserving these fragile ecosystems.

Appreciation for Nature’s Beauty

The stunning beauty of the underwater world is often indescribable. The vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and graceful movements of marine life leave a lasting impression. Through freediving spearfishing, individuals develop a profound appreciation for nature’s beauty, recognizing the critical importance of preserving these natural wonders for generations to come.

Bonding with the Ocean

Freediving spearfishing fosters a deep bond with the ocean. By spending countless hours below the surface, exploring the depths and engaging with marine life, spearfishers develop a sense of kinship and respect for the ocean. This bond transcends the sport itself, extends into everyday life, and fuels the desire to protect and conserve marine environments.

My Life as a Freediving Spearfisher - Lauren Sarasua

Sharing the Catch

Sharing with Family

For many freediving spearfishers, one of the greatest joys lies in sharing the catch with loved ones. The satisfaction of providing a freshly caught, sustainably harvested meal for family members creates a unique sense of fulfillment. Whether it’s a delicious seafood feast or a barbecue with friends, these culinary experiences foster a closer bond while also promoting the concept of responsible and sustainable living.

Providing for Friends

The act of sharing the catch extends beyond immediate family, reaching out to friends and fellow spearfishers. As a tightly-knit community, spearfishers often organize gatherings where everyone contributes their catches, resulting in a smorgasbord of fresh seafood delicacies. These shared meals not only strengthen relationships but also serve as a platform for learning and exchanging tips about the sport.

Donating to Others

Freediving spearfishers take pride in giving back to their communities by donating their catches to local charities or organizations. This generous act ensures that those in need have access to nutritious, fresh seafood, which may otherwise be unattainable. By sharing their bounties, spearfishers contribute to the well-being and sustenance of their communities.

Promoting Sustenance Living

The act of harvesting food firsthand through freediving spearfishing promotes a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. By actively participating in the process of sourcing their own seafood, spearfishers engage in a deeper connection with their food, moving away from the disconnected consumer culture. This lifestyle choice also encourages others to consider the impact of their food choices and supports the movement towards sustainable and locally sourced nourishment.

Building Connections

Freediving spearfishing provides a unique avenue for building connections with like-minded individuals. Sharing the catch is not just about the food but also about the shared experiences and stories that come with it. The act of gathering together and celebrating the fruits of a successful dive creates lasting memories, strengthens friendships, and forms the foundation of a supportive community.


Supportive Spearfishing Community

The spearfishing community is known for its camaraderie and support. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced spearfisher, the community welcomes you with open arms and offers guidance and advice to help you navigate the intricacies of the sport. The shared passion for the ocean and sustainable living creates a strong bond that unites individuals from various backgrounds and cultures.

Sharing Experiences and Tips

Within the spearfishing community, knowledge and experience are shared freely. From discussions about optimal hunting techniques to advice on equipment selection, spearfishers willingly impart their wisdom to help others improve their skills and enhance their diving experiences. Online forums, social media groups, and in-person gatherings serve as platforms for exchanging stories, tips, and insights.

Collaborative Events and Competitions

The spearfishing community thrives on collaborative events and competitions, which bring together enthusiasts from different regions to showcase their skills and build camaraderie. These events often include workshops, seminars, and freediving clinics, providing opportunities for both seasoned and novice spearfishers to expand their knowledge and celebrate the sport they love.

Networking and Camaraderie

Bonding with fellow spearfishers extends beyond diving expeditions. The community often organizes social events, such as barbecues or beach cleanups, fostering long-lasting connections and friendships. Spearfishing clubs and associations offer a platform to socialize, collaborate on conservation initiatives, and advocate for sustainable practices on a larger scale.

Preserving Traditions and Skills

The spearfishing community plays a vital role in preserving traditional hunting techniques and passing them on to future generations. Through mentorship programs and apprenticeships, experienced spearfishers guide newcomers, ensuring that the skills and values inherent in the sport are upheld. This commitment to tradition ensures that the spirit of spearfishing endures and remains rooted in ethics and sustainability.

My Life as a Freediving Spearfisher - Lauren Sarasua

Dive Gear

Essential Freediving Equipment

Before embarking on any freediving spearfishing adventure, it is crucial to have the right gear. High-quality freediving equipment ensures both safety and functionality in the water. The essential gear includes a mask, snorkel, fins, and a wetsuit, all designed specifically for freediving purposes.

Spearguns and Slingers

The primary tool of a spearfisher is the speargun or slinger. These devices are designed to provide accuracy and propulsion for an effective hunt. Spearguns have a trigger mechanism and use rubber bands or pneumatic power, while slingers use an elastic band and require manual launching. The choice between spearguns and slingers depends on personal preference, target fish, and hunting conditions.

Wetsuits and Dive Masks

Freediving spearfishers rely on wetsuits to provide thermal protection and comfort during extended time in the water. Wetsuits trap a layer of water against the body, which is then warmed by body heat, keeping the diver insulated. Dive masks, on the other hand, provide clear vision underwater by creating an airspace in front of the eyes, allowing divers to explore their surroundings with improved visibility.

Dive Fins and Snorkels

Freediving fins, also known as bifins or monofins, enhance propulsion and maneuverability underwater. These specialized fins are longer and stiffer than regular snorkeling fins, allowing divers to cover distances efficiently and conserve energy. Snorkels, designed specifically for freediving, have a streamlined shape and a purge valve, enabling easy clearing of water and facilitating smooth breathing.

Weightbelts and Dive Knives

Weightbelts play a crucial role in maintaining proper buoyancy during the dive. By adding or removing weights, spearfishers can achieve neutral buoyancy and a comfortable dive profile. Dive knives, carried for safety purposes, are essential tools for freeing entangled lines or removing catch from the spear. These compact knives are typically worn on the leg or attached to the weightbelt for easy access.

Camera Gear

Documenting Underwater Adventures

For many freediving spearfishers, capturing their underwater adventures is an integral part of the experience. Documenting their dives not only enables them to relive the moments but also serves as a means of sharing their love for the sport with others. Camera gear plays a pivotal role in allowing spearfishers to capture and immortalize these memories.

Importance of Capturing Moments

The underwater world is filled with mesmerizing scenes and breathtaking encounters. Capturing these moments on camera allows spearfishers to preserve their memories and share them with others, inspiring a sense of wonder and appreciation for the ocean’s beauty. Documenting the underwater realm also helps raise awareness about marine conservation, as the images and videos provide a tangible connection to the fragile ecosystems that need our protection.

Underwater Cameras and Housings

Underwater cameras and housings are specially designed to withstand the challenges of the marine environment. These cameras are compact, durable, and waterproof, allowing spearfishers to capture high-quality images and videos while diving. Housings provide protection from water pressure and potential damage, ensuring that the camera remains safe and functional during each dive.

GoPro and Action Camera Setups

The GoPro and other action cameras have become popular choices for freediving spearfishers due to their compact size, excellent video quality, and versatility. These cameras can be easily mounted on masks, spearguns, or other accessories, providing a hands-free shooting experience. With a wide range of features and accessories, GoPro and action camera setups offer flexibility in capturing underwater adventures from various angles.

Editing and Sharing the Footage

Once the footage has been captured, editing plays a crucial role in creating compelling stories. Spearfishers often spend hours meticulously selecting and editing their shots to showcase their best moments and convey the beauty of the underwater world. With the advent of social media platforms, sharing the edited footage has become effortless, allowing spearfishers to connect with a wider audience and inspire others to explore the sport.

My Life as a Freediving Spearfisher - Lauren Sarasua


Reflecting on my journey as a freediving spearfisher, I am filled with gratitude for the countless experiences and memories this sport has provided. From the physical and mental benefits to the deep connection with nature, freediving spearfishing has shaped my life in profound ways. The opportunity to harvest seafood sustainably, share the bounties with loved ones, and be part of a passionate community has further enriched this incredible adventure.

I encourage anyone who is drawn to the ocean and seeking an exhilarating yet responsible way to connect with nature to explore the world of freediving spearfishing. Embrace the challenges, dive into the wonders of the underwater world, and discover the beauty and rewards that await you. Together, let us continue to champion sustainable seafood harvesting, protect our marine ecosystems, and foster a community that honors tradition, skill, and respect for the ocean.

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