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Improve Your Spearfishing Accuracy with These 5 Tips

Hey guys, Justin here with another episode of “Fish and Out of Water,” where we bring you the best fishing tips straight from the Aloha State. In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into the world of spearfishing accuracy with a speargun. We’ve received a lot of requests for this topic, so we’re here to help you shoot more fish with precision and improve your overall accuracy. We’ll be sharing five valuable tips, along with a bonus tip, to help you catch more fish in your next dive. From rigging your speargun properly to target practicing and diving within your comfort zone, we’ve got the expert advice you need to become a more accurate spearfisher. So stay tuned and get ready to level up your spearfishing game!

Making accurate shots in spearfishing is not only important for success but also plays a crucial role in conservation. When you make bad shots, you risk losing the fish, which can have negative impacts on the ecosystem. That’s why it’s crucial to hone your accuracy skills and take clean shots. In this video, I’ll be sharing five tips to help you improve your spearfishing accuracy, along with a bonus tip that you won’t want to miss. We’ll cover topics like rigging your speargun properly, target practicing, diving within your comfort zone, and finding a healthy range for shooting your fish. Plus, I’ll share some dive gear recommendations to enhance your spearfishing experience. So grab your speargun and get ready to dive in!

Improve Your Spearfishing Accuracy with These 5 Tips

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Tip 1: Rig Your Spear Gun Properly

To increase your accuracy in spearfishing, it is crucial to rig your spear gun properly. The rigging process involves setting up your spear gun with the right components and ensuring they are in good condition. One important aspect of rigging is choosing the right spear for your gun. The length and tip design of the spear can affect its accuracy. It is recommended to select a spear that is compatible with your gun and suits the type of fish you plan to target.

Additionally, you should check the rubber bands or pneumatic power source on your spear gun. Rubber bands should be replaced if they are worn or weakened, as they can affect the power and trajectory of your shot. Similarly, if you have a pneumatic spear gun, make sure the internal pressure is appropriately set and maintained. Proper rigging will ensure that your spear gun performs at its best, allowing for more precise shots.

Tip 2: Target Practice in Shallow Water or Pool

One effective way to improve your accuracy in spearfishing is to practice in a shallow water or a pool before heading out to the open ocean. By practicing in a controlled environment, you can hone your aim and shooting technique without the added challenges of waves, currents, and potentially unpredictable underwater conditions.

Start by setting up targets in the shallow water or pool at different depths and distances. This will help you develop the ability to accurately judge distances and adjust your aim accordingly. Practice shooting at different angles and work on your breath-hold technique to simulate real-life hunting scenarios.

Additionally, practicing in shallow water allows you to retrieve your missed shots easily. This way, you can get immediate feedback on your accuracy and make necessary adjustments to your shots. Target practice in a controlled environment will help build muscle memory and increase your confidence, leading to improved accuracy when you are out in the open water.

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Tip 3: Dive Within Your Comfort Zone

When spearfishing, it is important to dive within your comfort zone in terms of depth and conditions. Pushing yourself too far beyond your limits can have adverse effects on your accuracy. If you are constantly anxious or uncomfortable while diving, it can hinder your focus and concentration, making it difficult to aim accurately.

Start by diving in familiar areas where you are confident and comfortable. As you gain experience and improve your skills, you can gradually explore deeper and more challenging dive spots. Being in control of your dive and having a clear mind will significantly enhance your accuracy and overall spearfishing experience.

Remember, it is always better to dive within your skill level and have a successful and enjoyable trip rather than pushing yourself too hard and risking accidents or poor shots. Spearfishing is a sport that requires patience and practice, and diving within your comfort zone will allow you to progress steadily while maintaining accuracy.

Tip 4: Find a Healthy Range for Shooting Fish

Finding the ideal range for shooting fish is vital to ensure accuracy and humane kills. Shooting from too far away can result in poorly placed shots, whereas shooting from too close can risk damaging fish beyond repair or startling them away from the area. It is important to find the optimal range that allows for a clean and ethical kill.

A general rule of thumb is to aim for a shooting range of about 1.5 to 2.5 meters, depending on the fish species and size. This range allows for better accuracy, as you can clearly see the target and adjust your aim accordingly. It also minimizes the chances of injuring the fish without effectively capturing it.

To determine the optimal shooting range for different species, it is helpful to conduct research or seek advice from experienced spearfishers. They may provide insights into the swimming patterns, behavior, and preferred habitat of various fish, allowing you to plan your shots more effectively.

Improve Your Spearfishing Accuracy with These 5 Tips

Tip 5: Shoot Legal Size Fish

Responsible spearfishing involves adhering to local regulations and laws regarding fish size limits. Shooting undersized fish can have serious ecological consequences and can also result in legal penalties. By shooting within the legal size limits, you contribute to the conservation efforts and ensure the sustainability of the marine environment.

Before venturing out for spearfishing, familiarize yourself with the fish size limits and any additional regulations specific to the area you plan to dive in. Make sure to measure the fish accurately before taking your shot. Shooting larger fish also ensures a more substantial yield, as they typically provide more meat for consumption.

By respecting the local regulations and only shooting legal size fish, you not only protect the marine ecosystem but also set a good example for other spearfishers. Responsible practices are essential for the long-term preservation of our oceans and the enjoyment of future generations.

Bonus Tip: Review Your Footage

An excellent way to enhance your accuracy in spearfishing is to review your footage after each dive. Many modern underwater cameras are designed specifically for spearfishing and can be attached to your gear or spear gun. By reviewing the recorded footage, you can analyze your shots, assess your technique, and identify areas for improvement.

Pay attention to your body position, aim, and the trajectory of your shots. Look for any patterns or recurring mistakes that might be affecting your accuracy. It can be helpful to compare your shots when targeting different species or using different techniques.

Take notes or mentally record the aspects you identified for improvement and make a conscious effort to address them during your next dive. The ability to review your footage provides valuable insights and allows you to fine-tune your skills, ultimately resulting in improved accuracy and more successful spearfishing trips.

Improve Your Spearfishing Accuracy with These 5 Tips

Importance of Accuracy in Spearfishing

Accuracy plays a crucial role in spearfishing for several reasons. Firstly, accurate shots ensure a humane and ethical kill. A poorly placed shot can lead to prolonged suffering for the fish, which goes against the principles of responsible spearfishing. By aiming for precise shots, you reduce the chances of injuring the fish without successfully capturing it.

Secondly, accuracy increases the efficiency and success rate of your spearfishing trips. A well-executed shot means you are more likely to capture the fish and bring it to the surface. This allows you to minimize wasted effort and maximize your yield, making your spearfishing experience more rewarding.

Moreover, accuracy is closely tied to safety in spearfishing. Accurate shots reduce the risk of injuring yourself or your diving partner, as wild shots can ricochet or inadvertently hit unintended targets. By prioritizing accuracy, you actively contribute to a safer and more enjoyable spearfishing environment.

Conservation Impact of Accuracy

Accuracy in spearfishing also has a significant impact on conservation efforts. Aiming for accurate shots ensures that you only target the fish you intend to capture, reducing the collateral damage to the marine ecosystem. By minimizing unnecessary injury to non-targeted species and undersized fish, you help maintain the delicate balance of marine habitats.

Additionally, accurate shots contribute to sustainable fishing practices. By shooting legal size fish and avoiding overfishing or unintentional harm to marine species, you actively support the conservation of fish populations. Spearfishers who prioritize accuracy play a crucial role in protecting the biodiversity of our oceans and preserving the natural resources for future generations.

Improve Your Spearfishing Accuracy with These 5 Tips

The Role of Proper Rigging in Accuracy

The proper rigging of your spear gun significantly influences your accuracy in spearfishing. As mentioned earlier, selecting the right spear and ensuring it is compatible with your gun is essential. Additionally, maintaining the rubber bands or pneumatic power source in good condition ensures consistent power and trajectory.

Rigging your spear gun properly also involves inspecting other components, such as the trigger mechanism and reel, if applicable. A faulty trigger can affect your aim and possibly result in premature shots. Similarly, a malfunctioning reel can hinder your ability to retrieve your catch or handle unexpected situations underwater.

Regular maintenance and thorough inspections of your spear gun help identify any potential issues that could compromise your accuracy. Take the time to clean and lubricate the necessary parts, replacing any worn-out components before diving. By rigging your spear gun properly, you set yourself up for accurate shots and a successful spearfishing experience.


Accurate shots are crucial for successful and responsible spearfishing. By rigging your spear gun properly, practicing in controlled environments, diving within your comfort zone, finding the right shooting range, and shooting legal size fish, you can greatly enhance your accuracy. Additionally, reviewing your footage and prioritizing accuracy contribute to the conservation of marine ecosystems.

Improving accuracy requires commitment, practice, and a deep understanding of the principles of responsible spearfishing. By employing these tips and techniques, you can become a more accurate and responsible spearfisher, ensuring a fulfilling and sustainable experience both for yourself and the underwater world you explore. So, grab your spear gun, rig it properly, and dive into a world of precision in spearfishing!

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