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Catching Fish BY HAND – Grouper Found Floating

Welcome to “Catching Fish BY HAND – Grouper Found Floating” by Spearfishing Life! In this exhilarating video, you’ll witness an incredible day of bluewater spearfishing on the west side of Greece. George and Fotis, the fearless duo, dive into crystal clear blue waters and manage to catch a massive grouper with their bare hands. This heart-pounding adventure showcases the joy and positivity of spearfishing, while also emphasizing its sustainability. Join the biggest Spearfishing Channel in Greece and become a part of the thriving underwater community. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to be amazed by these daring fishermen as they live a life by the sea through the art of spearfishing.

Hey, how are you doing? As George prepares the lines for the boat and checks the moon phase, Dimos expresses his good feeling about the day’s catch. The excitement in the air is palpable as they gear up and set off. With determination in his eyes, Dimos vows to catch that grouper barehanded, even if it means diving into the middle of the sea at a depth of 70+ meters. The energy is electrifying as the team faces the exhilarating challenge of capturing the fish of a lifetime. Will they succeed? Tune in to find out and witness the incredible feat of catching a grouper with nothing but their hands.

Catching Fish BY HAND - Grouper Found Floating

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Introduction to catching fish by hand

Spearfishing is a thrilling and challenging way to catch fish, but have you ever considered catching them by hand? In this video by Spearfishing Life, you’ll witness an incredible adventure as the divers attempt to catch a grouper without the use of any tools or equipment. This unconventional and exhilarating approach to fishing showcases the incredible skills and techniques required to succeed. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed by the incredible feat of catching fish by hand.

Preparing for the fishing trip

Before embarking on their fishing adventure, the divers take the time to prepare for what lies ahead. They carefully study the moon phase, knowing that it can greatly influence the success of their catch. The moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides, which in turn affects the movements and behavior of marine life. With an ideal moon phase, the divers feel optimistic about their chances of a successful catch.

In addition to paying attention to the moon phase, the divers also take precautions against the evil eye. Superstitions are deeply rooted in the fishing community, and many believe that the evil eye can bring bad luck and hinder their efforts. By taking steps to ward off any negative energies, such as wearing lucky charms or reciting prayers, the divers aim to protect themselves and increase their chances of a fruitful fishing trip.

Another important aspect of preparation is taking care of the roses. Now, you might be wondering what roses have to do with fishing, but in this case, they play a crucial role. The divers believe that tending to their rose bushes before setting off on the boat brings good luck and ensures a bountiful catch. It’s these little rituals and traditions that add to the excitement and uniqueness of catching fish by hand.

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Setting off on the boat

With their preparations complete, the divers finally set off on their boat, ready to embark on their fishing adventure. The journey itself is an integral part of the experience, and the video captures the breathtaking scenery and excitement that comes with being out on the open water. As the boat glides through the waves, you can’t help but feel a sense of anticipation and adventure building.

Throughout the journey, the divers film their surroundings to give viewers a glimpse into their world. The crystal clear waters, the vibrant marine life, and the camaraderie between the divers are all captured beautifully. This not only adds to the visual appeal of the video but also allows viewers to immerse themselves in the experience and feel like they are right there alongside the divers.

Attempting to catch a grouper barehanded

The moment of truth arrives as the divers prepare to catch the grouper barehanded. This is where their skill, experience, and courage are put to the test. With the water depths reaching a significant level, the challenge becomes even greater. The divers must not only navigate the treacherous underwater environment but also remain calm and focused amidst the adrenaline rush.

As they descend into the depths, the divers carefully approach the grouper, their eyes locked on their elusive target. With each movement, they must be mindful of the grouper’s swift reactions and its ability to escape capture. It’s a thrilling and heart-pounding moment as the divers inch closer, their determination evident in their every move.

Catching Fish BY HAND - Grouper Found Floating

Success in catching the grouper

After a tense and suspenseful struggle, success is finally achieved as the divers successfully catch the grouper by hand. The sense of triumph is palpable as they resurface, their faces beaming with pride and satisfaction. This incredible achievement highlights not only their physical prowess but also the depth of their knowledge and understanding of marine life.

Assessing the size of the caught fish

With the grouper now in their possession, the divers begin to assess the size of their catch. This is an essential step, as certain fishing regulations dictate the minimum size for keeping a fish. By carefully measuring and evaluating the grouper, the divers ensure that they are in compliance with these regulations and promote sustainable fishing practices.

Catching Fish BY HAND - Grouper Found Floating

Issue of the fish getting stuck in rocks

One of the challenges that the divers face is the possibility of the fish getting stuck in rocks or crevices underwater. This can make retrieving the fish difficult and time-consuming. In the video, you can see the divers using their skills and ingenuity to carefully maneuver the fish out of tight spots without causing harm to the fish or themselves.

Considering using a saw for the gills

As the divers prepare to clean the grouper, they consider using a saw for the gills. This is a delicate process that requires precision and caution to avoid any mishaps. The video shows the divers discussing this option and weighing the pros and cons before making a decision on the best approach.

Catching Fish BY HAND - Grouper Found Floating

Estimating the weight of the fish

The weight of the caught fish is another point of interest for the divers. It serves as a testament to their skills and provides valuable data for tracking the health and population of fish in the area. Through their experience, the divers are able to make an educated estimate of the grouper’s weight, further enhancing their understanding of the ecosystem they are a part of.

Reflecting on the depth at which the fish was caught

As the divers reflect on their successful catch, they also take a moment to consider the depth at which the grouper was caught. This serves as a valuable reference for future dives and helps them analyze the behavior and habitat preferences of different fish species. It’s through these observations and reflections that they continue to refine their techniques and become more effective in their pursuit of fish.


In conclusion, Spearfishing Life’s video on catching fish by hand provides a captivating and enlightening glimpse into the world of spearfishing. From the careful preparations to the exhilarating underwater encounters, every moment is filled with excitement and wonder. The successful catch of the grouper showcases the incredible skill and dedication of the divers, while also emphasizing the importance of sustainable fishing practices.

By engaging in spearfishing, viewers can not only experience the thrill of the hunt but also develop a deeper connection with the marine environment. It’s a unique and immersive activity that allows individuals to appreciate the beauty and diversity of marine life while promoting ethical fishing practices.

In their final remarks, the divers express gratitude for the opportunity to share their adventure and inspire others to explore the world of spearfishing. They encourage viewers to embrace the challenges and rewards of this exciting sport, while always respecting and preserving the delicate balance of the underwater ecosystem. So, grab your gear, dive in, and discover the thrill of catching fish by hand with Spearfishing Life.

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